This design studio was created to develop modern fashion which rejects mass consumerism For us contemporary fashion refers to individualism, especially the one that is out of rebellion and becomes a conscious choice. Nowadays being individual means being ecological and rational in every sphere of life. That’s why the idea of my studio follows prof. Andrzej Banachowicz’s theory. For him the fabric is a kind of shield, which protects spirtuality. We are agaist ubiquitous mediocrity, often made by the means of child labor. My studio deals only with designing SLOW FASHION collection. My projects are carefully considered, conducted by my self-development with a specific concern of environment. They are the answer to human searching for extraordinary and peculiar clothes SLOW in fashion, means to refuse oblivious alternative, but choosing consciouslly the type of clothes, their fabrics and the design.. I’d like to invite everyone to a place where making own ideas come true and taking advantages of the designers’ advice is possible.. To create our clothes we make use of our own materials. It causes that they are inimitable,, special with personality. A truly unique asset of our workshop is to apply the method of application the patterns. By the means of stencils (made in a process of upcycling) we are able to make unrepeatable clothes collections.

Małgorzata Łęczycka